Our Shows

Ethnik Fashion Show

The textiles from Laos are some of the most beautiful in Southeast Asia. Today, the traditional costumes of the people are under threat by globalization. Not so long ago, if you traveled through the small villages and cities of Laos you would see all ages of women wearing the traditional costume of their village to school or work. The styles of the clothing displayed the abundance of natural resources of Laos but also the skills in spinning, dying and weaving the cottons and the silks.

Travellers rarely see the opulence in village costume that they once did. Today the cost of the local handmade textiles is high and many families cannot afford them except on special occasions such as weddings. So if you are interested in seeing the vast array of costumes that graced the village street and city road and have missed the few textile museums in Laos then head to Luang Prabang where in a single evening you can see more than a hundred costumes representing more than twenty Laotian ethnic groups. It is ETHNIK – The Living Museum Fashion Show at the Hive Bar and Restaurant in UNESCO’s protected ‘Old Town’. Hive has spent several years collecting all these costumes. We hires local university students studying in Luang Prabang to model the clothing paying them a full day’s wage for their service thereby helping to support their education. Have a meal, a drink, come enjoy the show, it is free. It runs from Tuesday through Saturday beginning at 7pm.

Our shows are free and begin at 7 pm Tuesday to Saturday.

B Boy Hiphop Dance Show

Hive Bar and Restaurant is proud to sponsor one of the hottest B-Boy Hip Hop Dance Troupes in Laos. They are called Punkhaoniew Crew, which translates to “Sticky Rice In Hand”. This group of young men dazzle our customers with their acrobatic brake dancing set to modern hip hop and funk music.

This show is enjoyed by people of all ages!

The B-Boys can be seen practicing their moves on the stage set in our hillside garden during the day or early evening. Performances are held Tuesday to Saturday starting at 7:00 pm and just following the ETHNIK Fashion Show. Just like our ETHNIK Fashion this performance is free. Come party at Hive with the B-Boys.